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Happy Independence Day!

on July 4, 2016

Just checking in.  I’m still not losing, but I know that I need to work on my food choices.  My stomach doesn’t reject anything (sometimes I wish it would!) and while I still have the restriction, I need to watch what I put in there!  Went to the nutritionist recently and she recommended Protein, high fat and low carb.  I’m putting that plan into action and hope to lose that last 10-15 pounds.

Never did I think I would post a photo of me in a bathing suit, but took this yesterday when I went to hang out by the pool with my sister-in-law.  I thought about photoshopping my legs and arms in the full body shot, but decided not to.  This is me.  Hot model? NO! But am sort of okay with myself.  I don’t like the “bat wings” on my arms or the weirdness going on with the top of my legs but I’m working on that too.  I have been able to build my butt back up though….it had totally gone flat but through walking and my cross trainer I’ve found it again! 🙂

Happy Independence day to you all!

4 responses to “Happy Independence Day!

  1. Susie Wilson says:

    you look amazing when i had my op 5 yrs ago i never got the help you have !!! wish i had cos now i’m struggling so you really are doing well 🙂 keep up the good work!! xx

  2. JoAnn Cook says:

    Great work Laura! You are an inspiration to all. I haven’t lost the amount of weight you have, and still need to lose 5-10 lb. too. I also have the same physical problems you do. I am having a problem getting motivated to do the exercising to rid my body of these areas. Any suggestions??

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