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Checking in!

on May 20, 2016

Haven’t checked in for a while, so just wanted to send a “report”.  I’ve not lost any more, in fact I’ve been wrestling with 5 pounds (up and down) for the past few months.  “Sleevie Ray Vaughan” lets me eat anything I want and I have to remember that in order to lose these last 10-15 pounds, I can’t eat anything I want.  TOO many carbs of late.  I need to get back to basics and remember to fill up on protein first.  I’ve done better with water thanks to my Yeti tumbler but I don’t always get it all in every day.  That has to improve too!

I saw Dr. Taylor on Monday and all of my numbers are great….I have remembered to take all of my vitamins.  My A1C is still a little higher than I’d like it to be.  My diabetes meds have been reduced but eating too many carbs is not helping in that department!  I have an appointment with the dietician this morning and I’m going to get her to spell things out for me.  How many calories should I be getting in each day….max of carbs etc…  Back to basics!  My main goal is not necessarily a number on a scale but do get down to a normal BMI.  I’m SO close!  I feel great and love that, but I want to get these last 10-15 pounds off!

I have to remember how far I’ve come and press on!

Weekly weight update: (highest weight ever was 253)

Starting Weight before surgery – 1/6/15: 218

Current Weight – 2/24/16: 164 (ish)

Total Loss –  54 (89 from my highest weight!)

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One response to “Checking in!

  1. Sarah R Eilers says:

    Well, you clearly feel good & healthy and you look beautiful.The rest can come slowly…

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