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1 year Surgiversary

on January 20, 2016

One year ago today I had my sleeve gastrectomy.  Hard to believe it’s been a whole year but I’m so proud of how far I’ve come.  There were some difficult times but for the most part I was lucky and had no complications from the surgery….my recovery has gone smoothly.  The most difficult things for me have been “sipping” water throughout the day, not drinking water while eating, and remembering all the vitamins.  You have to space out your water and vitamins so your smaller stomach can absorb them.  If I were to take all 3 multi-vitamins in one sitting I would only get the benefits of 1 of them.  That’s about all my stomach could absorb at once.  I’m still working on these things and am doing much better.  My Yeti tumbler has been a big help.  Only problem with that was I brought it home for the long weekend and then forgot to bring it to work yesterday.  I may have to get one for each place! 🙂

The scale finally moved again this week….just a pound but that’s cool!  These last 10-15 pounds (haven’t quite decided my goal yet….my main goal is to get to a “normal” BMI) will be harder and I’m a slow loser as it is.  But I couldn’t have done this without the surgery and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.

I started out wearing 22/24 and 2XL and am now wearing size 10 in pants and M or L in shirts.

Weekly weight update: (highest weight ever was 253)

Starting Weight – 1/6/15: 218

Current Weight – 1/20/16: 164

Total Loss –  54

Here’s a pic in the same outfit from a year ago….not a bad transformation! 🙂

PicMonkey Collage

3 responses to “1 year Surgiversary

  1. bnewell12000 says:

    Awesome achievement! You look wonderful 🙂

  2. JoAnn says:

    WOW!!! You look marvelous. (Think Billy Crystal) 🤗 It’s funny how we each are built so differently. A friend of mine in WW is about my height and has lost a good amount of weight, but not at goal yet. She has size 6 jeans that are too big! (I will never fit into a size 6 again). Your pants size is smaller than mine, but you weight over 10 lbs. more than me. I am still in 12s and some 14s. All of us carry a good amount of weight above the waist, so that isn’t so much a factor. But what a difference in pants. So, I’m the largest, but probably weigh the least. Go figure!! Just goes to show that weight is just an arbitrary number. Now, to get on that treadmill again!

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