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Weekly Weigh In – No longer Obese!

Weight hasn’t changed since last week but I realized when I saw my GP yesterday that I’m no longer considered “obese”!  I dropped down to the “overweight” category on the BMI charts.  🙂

Weekly weight update:

Starting Weight – 1/6/15: 218

Current Weight – 6/16/15: 177.6

Total Loss –  40.4

I had something interesting happen this week.  On Sunday at church I had on some (size 12!) capris with a long top and if you know anything about the Episcopal church…..we stand up and sit down a lot! LOL  Anyway the first time I stood up I did what I usually do and reached for my shirt to tug it down over my butt and lo and behold it did it all by itself.  I didn’t have to tug at it!  I really like that when I now look at my reflection in the mirror or a window I see a more “normal” person. 🙂


I won’t have weekly weigh ins until I get back from Europe.  Rayne and I leave on Thursday and will be back on Monday the 29th.  I’ll weigh in on Tuesday the 30th.  Should be interesting not really being able to plan meals much.  I will bring some of my favorite protein bars in my suitcase and will just have to make good decisions.  One good thing is I’ll be doing a lot of walking so I’ll be interested to see what my daily steps will be.  I’ll post from the trip to tell how I’m doing with food.

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Another pound down/Need to work on my water!

Weekly weight update:

Starting Weight – 1/6/15: 218

Current Weight – 6/9/15: 177.6

Total Loss –  40.4


I saw my surgeon for a follow up visit yesterday afternoon.  He was VERY happy! All my numbers look good except for two of them.  My A1C went back up a bit.  I was originally on 3 blood sugar meds: Victoza, metformin and glimiperide (sp?).  After surgery he removed the metformin and after my post-op visit with my GP, she removed the glimiperide since my A1C had gone down so much.  My numbers were normal until all the sudden, my insurance decided it would no longer cover Victoza.  So she put me on Bydureon, which was horrible for me.  I felt like I needed to borrow a lab coat and gloves from work to put the stuff together.  It had a 30 page instruction book!  Crazy!  I have no clue if I was doing it right or not and my numbers slowly went back up.  Of course I was also at this time eating more of a variety of foods which may have been a factor.  I took that for 4 weeks because there were 4 doses (I like the once a week thing though) and then she put me on the easier version of it.  I still hate it because the needle is huge and I don’t think it’s working for me.  Dr. Taylor confirmed my suspicions and said that when I see my GP on Monday to have her fill out paperwork to appeal them letting me have Victoza again.  He said some meds work for some and not others and that Victoza was working fine for me.

Also my potassium was low….I HAVE to work on getting in my water and all 3 of my multi vitamins.  I have to take 3 a day because your stomach only absorbs so much at a time so you have to space them out or you don’t get all the benefits from them.  I often forget the nighttime pills and I’ve got to get better about that.  Also with water…..I’m used to (for all my life!) drinking water with meals.  I got a lot of water in that way and now I can’t drink and eat at the same time so I have to figure something out.  I’d been drinking a ton of decaf, unsweet tea but apparently this is still too much of a diuretic and I’m getting dehydrated.  So… quest is to get all my vitamins in and all my water in!  🙂  It’s all a learning process!

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What size 12 means to a guy

me to a “guy friend”: “Ask me what size pants I have on today?”

him: “What size pants do you have on today?”

me: “12!!”

him, very seriously: “Guys have no idea what that means”

me: “see the smile on my face?”

him: “yes”

me: “it means I’m a happy camper!”

him: “Sweet!”

And these are those size 12 pants!  I may have to retire my favorite pink shirt soon…it’s looking kinda saggy


P.S. this is a combination of 2 conversations I had with 2 different male friends….their similar reactions made me smile! 🙂


“tight” t-shirt and sleeve name

At the beginning I was calling my sleeve “Frankensleeve” since it was still healing and “stitched” together.  A while back when I heard that one of my favorite musicians of all time would be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame I figured a name change was in order.  It’s now “Sleevie Ray Vaughn” 🙂  Just like Stevie… still “wails” from time to time.  🙂

Today I put on an LSU t-shirt that I wouldn’t have dared put on months ago.  I still consider it to be a little tight (especially across the back) but I would have never in a million years worn it in public….just around the house.  I’m getting braver!



Weekly Weigh-In – Hello 170’s!

Finally broke that barrier into the 170’s!!

Weekly weight update:

Starting Weight – 1/6/15: 218

Current Weight – 6/2/15: 178.6

Total Loss –  39.4


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