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Lunch yesterday/A successful first party after Frankensleeve

Went out to lunch for the first time since surgery to a Hibachi/Sushi place.  I’ve never liked Sushi so my intention was to get hibachi chicken, Shrimp and beef with a few bits of peppers, onions and rice.  I had planned on bringing home the leftovers.  Well got my hibachi plate and had a few shrimp (they were tiny) a few pieces of chicken and a piece of beef and asked for a to-go box.  Apparently that’s not allowed!  (unless you want to pay another $6.99 for a to-go lunch)  What a bummer AND a waste!  It’s close to campus so I guess they had to cut back  on all the students filling up at the buffet and taking it to go!  Next time I go, I’ll put 6 little pieces of meat (it’s a raw bar….you hand what you want to them to grill) and say “cook this”.  Kind of a shame!

As for my party….I was quite pleased with the way it went last night.  Every once in a while I nibbled on something.  Even had one of my niece Emily’s tiny flower cookies.  I had no problems with anything.  Put my ice water in my favorite wine glass and had a great time!

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Party tonight

Tonight I’ll have to make sure my eyes aren’t too big for my stomach!  Having a birthday party tonight and I know there will be lots of yummy food there!  My talented niece, Emily made and mailed me some cookies she made to match the plates and napkins!  Pic below is just a sample of what she sent.  Unfortunately a few did break in the shipping but I had a tiny bite of one of the pieces yesterday and it was yummy.  That bite satisfied me too!

My plates/napkins:

71850-hippie-chick-lunch-napkins 91553

Emily’s cookies (just a sample of what she sent)


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New Up Band

I bought an Up Band a couple of years ago but decided to get the newer version that syncs through Bluetooth.  Only sad thing was that it didn’t come in the Aqua color I had before that I loved so much!  I decided on the pinkish color.



Weekly weigh in

Weekly weight update:

Starting Weight – 1/6/15: 218

Current Weight – 2/24/15: 189

Total Loss –  29

Still going down 🙂

The clothing size thing is funny….I saw a couple of other people: one who weighs about 10 pounds more than me and she just got into a 10/12.  Another who weighs 100 pounds more than me and is in a 2x.  I was wearing a 2x not that long ago!  Just shows that all body types are different.  The majority of my “fat” is around the middle so I guess that keeps me in a higher size.

Another funny thing….someone said to me last week “I didn’t know your legs were that long” haha….well, they’ve always been this long, they just didn’t look it.  I actually am pretty much all legs. When I sit down next to someone shorter than me, 99% of the time they’re taller than me sitting down.  🙂



Scale finally moved again!

It’s been teasing me for the past few days… would say “190.0”  every morning!  This morning I finally moved into the 180’s!!  Not by much, but hey, I’ll take it!


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Size 16 Jeans!

Tried on a pair of size 16 jeans today and they fit!!  Whoo hoo!



Been focusing on “new” clothes this week!

Everyone warned me about the 3rd or 4th week stall and I’m seeing that now.  Although it would probably be better if I only stepped on the scale once a week….I tend to do it every morning.  It’s been exactly the same for 4 days now.  Not concerned though….my body is going through learning to trust “new” foods etc…

I saw my nutritionist yesterday afternoon and she said I’m doing fine.  She came up with some ways to get some more protein in since I’m sick to death of the shakes!

What is AWESOME though is I feel like I have about 10 new shirts to wear!  I hate trying on clothes at the store so I will buy what I think will fit and bring them home and try them on.  If it was too small and I really didn’t like it, I’d bring it back, but if it was too small and I LOVED it, I kept it in my closet.  I’ve had some in there for years.  Now they all fit me!!


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Weekly Weigh In/ P3 for lunch

Weekly weight update:

Starting Weight – 1/6/15: 218

Current Weight – 2/17/15: 190.4

Total Loss –  27.6

Inching closer to the 180s! I didn’t end up trying grits but did try some lower in sugar oatmeal, which was yummy! Only managed 7 bites though before getting full.

Yesterday I tried an Oscar Mayer P3 for lunch. It had chicken, cashews and cheese. I was able to eat about half and saved the rest for a couple hours later. It was good….they have different options.




I think Frankensleeve is made of iron!

This weekend I did some experimenting with my new stomach.  So far there are NO foods that bother it.  I tried a couple of blackberries and ate the tip of a chocolate covered strawberry (then just ate only the strawberry).  I had 2 pieces of popcorn. I had 4 meatballs (over the course of about 3 hours)I made a “sandwich” with Hungry Girl’s Flat Out bread, ham, mozzarella cheese and mustard….could only eat half but no problems. Tried a Yasso Frozen Yogurt fudgesicle and a Weight Watchers mozzarella/jalapeno string cheese stick..  I had 1 sip of diet ginger ale (curious what the carbonation would do)  No problems with anything!  I keep reading about people not being able to keep anything down and I think I was blessed (or cursed) with an iron stomach!  The only thing that gives me problems, gave me problems before surgery…..taking too many vitamins at once.

I definitely can feel the restriction and if I eat slow enough I can stop when I’m full!

I’m at work today (it’s VERY quiet, which is actually kind of nice…lets me catch up on a few things!)



Getting close to 180s/No King Cake!

This will be my first Mardi Gras season, probably ever, that I’ve not had a piece of King Cake.  My favorite kind is Bavarian Cream, but the season’s almost over and I’ve done okay without it!

Last night I made some meatballs in the slow cooker to share with a couple people who came over to see the parade from my house, and I was able to eat 3 of them (over about 4 hours) and Frankensleeve didn’t reject them!  They tasted really good and I found some Grape Jelly with less sugar to use in the recipe as well.


This morning the scale moved me a little closer to the 180s!!! 🙂


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