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Able to drive now!

I’m allowed to drive now, so going to keep my hair appointment this morning.  Then it’s off to Whole Foods for my favorite soup.  I put on a pair of jeans today that were tight and now fit perfect!


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Wow! Just realized…

…I’ve been 25 days without my beloved Coca-Cola!  I know how bad it is for you, so no lectures needed, but I never thought I could do that and I did!  🙂


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Really yummy protein shakes!

These are the best things I’ve tasted so far. 23 g of protein and neither has a chalky taste.  The vanilla cream is to die for!!  Yum!


My new scale (ordered a new Tanita scale with some Christmas money) saw “onederland” today but since it’s not an official weigh day I won’t get too excited.  (it said 198.4!) 🙂

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Nothing exciting to report today

It was a good day today….nothing exciting happened. I enjoyed a nice visit from my friend, Cindi. Scarlett commanded her attention the whole visit 😃

Still enjoying flowers that people have sent. These are from my cousins John and Rosemary.


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Creamy Soup and Visits from Friends

Had the best soup for lunch and then a visit from one of my oldest (known her since the 2nd grade) bestest and dearest friends, Kathy who brought me some magazines.


The soup? I have 2 very similar soups….both called Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato. Trader Joe’s has one that’s low sodium, but also less protein. They’re both delicious! Pacific’s website says they have a lower sodium version but I didn’t see it.


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7 Days Post Op/ Weekly Weigh In

It’s now been a week since surgery.  One good thing about that is I get to start Full Liquids today, which means I can add milk (instead of just water) to my protein shakes, have creamy soups and sugar free pudding!!  Life is good.  haha

Starting Weight on 1/6/15 –   218

Current Weight on 1/27/15 – 200.2

Joanie leaves today….she’s been a big help.  (mostly with Shirl, which is a BIG help to me!) She searched probably every grocery store in town to find me some Luigi’s No Sugar Added Lemon Italian Ice!  What a trooper!IMG_3510


6 days post-op

Still feeling good!  I get a little tired when I try to do too much but am only having a little soreness, no pain.

Took another walk with Joanie and mom and the 3 pups yesterday….It was such a gorgeous day!

My incision sites started itching yesterday, so I guess that’s a sign that they’re healing. The glue is starting to peel off on the top too.  Kinda weird to think they super glued me closed! 🙂

I have a friend having this surgery this morning at 8:00 so will pray that she has a good recovery like I have had so far.

Since I’ve been home all day for a week now….I’ve noticed the dogs follow me everywhere…..I mean everywhere! haha



They Let Me Out!

Yesterday mom and Joanie came over and we each walked a dog up and down Edinburgh. I didn’t seem to have any problems….just a little stitch in my side on the way back.

Today I got in my backseat while Joanie drove me to Fresh Market, Trader Joes, and Petco for soup, tea and dog food. The  coolest part? I went bra-less! 😄  (don’t worry…I had a jacket on!) Unfortunately the bottom of the bra hits one of my incisions. It’s the smallest scar so I hope it will be all better by the time I go back to work on Feb. 4.


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Good NIght’s Sleep/ Post Surgery gain

I meant to mention to those out there that might be going through this journey, or thinking about it.  It’s best not to weigh yourself the morning after you get home from the hospital.  They have kept you so pumped full of fluid that you’ll show a gain on the scale.  I made the mistake of doing that and I’d gained 5 pounds.  Now today it’s finally below my lowest weight.  Just took a few days to get that excess water out.

I finally got a good night’s sleep last night!  I was able to sleep on my right side (my normal sleep position) and it made all the difference in the world. 🙂



Chicken Pot Pie

i had to laugh….a friend from church (who knew what kind of surgery I was having) emailed me:

Hi Laura,
Hoping your feeling okay after the surgery. What can you eat/drink? I would love to bring you some food. Does a chicken pot pie sound good?

um, yeah…chicken pot pie sounds great! It is kind of funny though. You know how when someone dies and people bring food to your house….comfort foods…soups, chicken and rice, etc…? When my dad died, this same friend brought salmon croquettes. 😃

i emailed her back and thanked her for the thought, but told her I couldn’t have solid food yet. So…..she brought me the best thing ever….some trash magazines!