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Because I’m Happy!

Wonderful news….I got my surgery date scheduled…..Tuesday, January 20 at 9:00 a.m.!  I changed the ring on my phone to Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” song.  Yes, I know it’s old and annoys some people. but since 2015 is MY year I don’t care what anyone else thinks! 🙂

I go this Thursday for a few pre-surgery tests….some bloodwork, an EKG, an upper GI and a gall bladder ultra sound.  If he finds any gall stones in my gall bladder then he will take it out at the same time as my gastric sleeve surgery.  Gall stones are one thing that can be a problem if you are prone to them. (which I’m not at this point and time, but we’ll see what the ultrasound says)

On January 6 I’ll start a special protein diet and then a week before surgery an all liquid diet.  Sometime before January 6 I’ll pay another visit to the dietician to go over these restrictions.

My SIL, Joanie (who’s a recovery room RN) will be coming down to help out at the beginning so that will be nice!

So….yay!!  My Happy New Year is under way!



Saying goodbye to a few favorites (or maybe see you later, in much smaller amounts?)

While I was in Cincinnati for Christmas I was able to have some Uno’s pizza (a favorite that we don’t have in Baton Rouge) and some Graeter’s ice cream.  Fresh Market on Perkins used to sell Graeter’s but they don’t any more so I guess that’s a good thing.  I guess these weren’t really “food funerals” but ceremonial “see you later, alligator” to a few food faves.

IMG_3381      IMG_3382 1601560_10152965754701151_6366878630131950008_n

I got some good dietician’s advice from my niece, who brought me some of the instructions that they give gastric surgery patients.  I also got some nice gifts from my family, including some $$ for new clothes down the line!

IMG_3409   IMG_3410

IMG_3407  IMG_3408

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i got a voicemail from Jessica this morning saying she’d finally gotten the psychiatric evaluation and that the surgery can now be scheduled! The people that schedule surgeries won’t be back until Monday so we can schedule it then. In the meantime I’m enjoying all my favorite holiday treats. I’ll have to start a 2 week pre-surgery diet before, so enjoying what I can now!

Never thought I’d be excited about surgery, but I am!


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Growling stomach

As my stomach growled in church this morning, I wondered if I would have this sensation at all after the surgery? Yes these are the exciting things that go through my head! 😄

i hope to hear back from the surgeon’s office soon.


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Still waiting

I’m still waiting to hear from Jessica….this may take a few days.  I’ve decided that I don’t mind sharing before photos but no bare belly shots (like they do on those TV shows).  I will get a fitted tank and yoga pants.  Don’t worry….the belly will be seen!  It’s the upper one that bothers/scares me. (yes I have 2! haha) Some people call that the “diabetes belly”.  I can’t wait for it to go away!


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Next Step

Jessica (Dr. Taylor’s nurse/surgery coordinator) called me yesterday afternoon and said that she’d gotten the report back from the Dietician and was just waiting on the Social Worker’s report.  Once she had both, she would give them to Dr. Taylor to review and move on from there.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



Baby Steps

Last March 1, when I turned 50, I started thinking about this path.  I didn’t tell anyone because I wasn’t sure until now that I wanted to do it.  I wanted to do my research.  My research included surfing the web, reading articles from PubMed, reading blogs, watching YouTube videos and more recently chatting with a friend who did this 4 years ago.

Early next year I will be getting a Sleeve Gastrectomy, which is a bariatric surgery. The surgeon will remove a large portion of my stomach. The new, smaller stomach is about the size of a banana. It will limit the amount of food I can eat by making me feel full after eating small amounts of food.  I have been overweight for too long and diets don’t seem to work for me. (believe me I’ve tried pretty much every one out there)  I know this is a HUGE change for me and I will have to re-learn how to eat, but with the support of my family and friends, I’m up for the challenge!


On December 1, I discussed the possibility with my GP, Dr. Lara Falcon at the Baton Rouge Clinic.  She and I had a nice talk and she agreed that this was something that I should pursue.  I am classified as “obese” with a BMI of 34.  However my blood sugar runs high, I take blood pressure and cholesterol meds (both are controlled by meds, but I want them gone!)  My birth family’s history includes heart disease and diabetes as well.  She suggested Dr. Jonathan Taylor, who happened to have a seminar at the BTR General on Bluebonnet on December 4.  I signed up for it.  That morning they called and said it was canceled but that I could have a free consultation with him and his RN coordinator, Jessica.

On December 8 I met with Jessica and Dr. Taylor and started my journey.  She said that the next step for me would be to have a psychiatric evaluation and meet with a dietician.  I did both of those yesterday (12/11/14) and am now awaiting the next step.

I’m hoping to get this done in mid-January so that when Rayne and I go to London/Paris in mid-June I’ll be much healthier and can handle lots of walking and what I’m really looking forward to – a bike ride through the parks of London!


Act II

I’m calling this 1st blog post “Act II” because I’m about to start a totally new phase of my life.  One that’s healthy and happy.  I have gone back and forth about sharing this new journey but if it even helps one person who is making the same decision I’m about to make, then it’s worth it.  I worried about my friends seeing my “before” photos, but they’re my friends….they know what I look like!  (well, maybe not the stomach shots, but I just can’t worry about that if this might encourage someone else to take this step….or even decide against it)  I plan to be totally honest and will share the good and the bad.  This will be a huge challenge for me as I learn to eat to live and not live to eat.  (which is especially hard here in Louisiana!)